As a child and young girl, Blossom Appel Sanger painted under the tutelage of her mother, the sculptor, Doris Appel. She studied at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts and also with George Demetrios in Gloucester.   Sanger’s formal education was at Wellesley College, then followed a medical career, graduating from at Tufts University School of Medicine. She practiced Anesthesiology in Coronado, California until her recent retirement when she resumed her artistic career. Her background in technology and art have combined in her unique printing process which she formulated in 1999.


All the floral portraits that she creates are composed from blooms of living flowers. The flowers are studied, the design composed. Using her photographic "mono-scan" process, patent applied for, Sanger then prints each image individually using a four color process.  Not printed in ink, but in polymer resins, the colors are layered on the paper and are extremely light resistant.  Editions are limited to 4 to 20 prints only.  Each edition has variations from print to print:  therefore each image is an individual unique print. This process of variations within the same edition is called Editions Variété, with the numbering of an edition is for example  "2/12 e.v."  

All materials used are acid free.   The images are printed on 24 wt. acid free smooth brilliant white paper.   All pictures are signed and numbered by the artist .